The Grand Theft Auto V Official Gameplay Video Has Finally Arrived (Video)

It’s here! Rockstar have released gameplay footage of the highly anticipated,Grand Theft Auto V. Already set to become the game of 2013.

Wow! We’ve just seen the footage of the Grand Theft Auto video and we’ve been literally blown away. Grand Theft Auto 5 is Rockstars’ most ambitious game ever since the much celebrated GTA 3. The world is vast, beautiful and diverse very much looks like Southern California (or a successor to San Andreas maybe).


In the game you get to play three separate characters with completely different backgrounds and personalities. Michael is a successful ex-bank robber now turned family man who turned himself into the FBI witness protection scheme but finds himself missing the excitement of the criminal life; Franklin is a hungry street hustler wanting a better life; and Trevor is a crazy ex-military pilot turned drug addict current living in a trailer park. 

GTA 5 gameplay video

The game alternates between missions, major heists and open world exploration in which you can do anything from yoga to investing the money in real estate, even stocks and shares. As a gamer you have no limits!

Grand-Theft-Auto-V gameplay video

During the open-world exploration you can jump between the three protagonists. To survive world they have to set up and pull off a series of audacious heists and missions. The player then decides how they execute them and with whom:

“there are two ways we can do this, we can either go in smart ….or we go in loud and dumb” We prefer the latter!

It seems the possibilities for gameplay are endless in this game and there is so much we can talk about. 

So, lets sit back and let the video do the talking in what is set to be the best game of 2013…

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