The Last Ever BMW M3 Coupe Rolls Down The Production Line

THIS, is the last ever BMW M3 Coupe. It is quite orange. And rightfully so, this car deserves to standout among a handful of 1 Series hatch’s because it is quite special. 

Y’see the M3 has always been offered as a coupe ever since the original E30 M3 appeared in the eighties, but sedans were a bit here and there. The E36 (second M3) was offered with four doors but the original E30 and E46 M3 were not. 


The current M3 was offered in sedan body form and the M3 set to replace it will be offered ONLY as a four door. So this last ever BMW M3 Coupe is a big deal.

The M3 Coupe’s replacement will be the upcoming BMW M4 based on the new 4 Series, it is a brand new nameplate. 


The current M3 is also likely to be the last ever BMW M car to be offered with a naturally aspirated engine. And what an engine the current M3’s 4.0liter V8 was, screaming all the way to 8300rpm where it delivered 414hp. The M3’s replacement will use a turbocharged six-cylinder engine; at least matching the current cars power output while delivering quite a bit more torque. With the presence of turbocharging we doubt that the replacement M3’s engine could ever sound quite as nice as the naturally aspirated V8 of the current car, but its power will likely be more usable with a broader spread of torque and it will certainly be more frugal than the thirsty V8. 


We’re sad to see the current M3 go away because it was a truly spectacular car, and one that’s retiring at the top of its game, but we’re excited to see what BMW have in stall for the next M3 and new M4. 

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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