The Porsche 911 Sings Happy Birthday. To Itself… | VIDEO

To celebrate the iconic Porsche 911’s fiftieth birthday a group of classic and modern 911s get together and make some music. 

All Porsche 911s share a gorgeous flat-six soundtrack that is very unique in the automotive world. It’s a deep bassy growl at low revs that morphs into a fierce metallic shriek as the rev needle approaches the red zone. Nothing else sounds quite like a 911. 

So, for the latest in a very long line of celebratory, um, things that Porsche has done during this, the 911’s fiftieth year in production, the blokes from Stuttgart have put together this clever video. It involves exploding petrol, some drifting, and the 911 singing itself happy birthday. Sounds weird, right? Because who sings happy birthday when it’s their own birthday? Musicals are for the cake-eating and gift-giving guests to take part in, aren’t they? Anyway, we won’t complain because the 911’s birthday song is pretty awesome. 

 Check it out…


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