THE TEASE: Ken Block’s Epic Gymkhana Six Teased (VIDEO)

THE TEASE: Ken Block’s Epic Gymkhana Six Teased (VIDEO)

Pro hoon and racing driver, Ken Block, smokes tyres in his latest Gymkhana Six teaser video.

Incase you didn’t know, professional hoon, Ken Block, is releasing his latest Gymkhana video on the 11th of November (next Monday, save the date). Gymkhana Six will see many, many tyres be killed by Mr. Block’s new, only slightly modified Ford Fiesta ST, as the oversteer overlord drifts his way around the ‘Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course’… Like A Boss. Obviously. 

For this latest video Ken Block has teamed up with Electronic Arts to promote its latest Need For Speed Rivals video game. Also sponsoring the video are energy drink companies, naturally, and an aptly named organization called ‘Hoonigan‘, plus others.

Block’s previous tyre smokin’ videos have been watched more than 250 million times on Youtube, and we can only imagine this one continuing the success.
Check out the teaser video below….

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