The Twilight Saga: Cars With A Bite

Fortunately for all those boyfriends and husbands that were dragged to the cinema, the cars featured are in fact pretty impressive cars! This is actually thanks to the input of the author’s two brothers, who happened to be incredible car fanatics – and they made some great choices!

For those of you that haven’t read Stephanie Meyner’s infamous 4-book saga, it has revolutionised the traditional image of the blood-sucking, malevolent vampire. Introducing some of the most suave, enigmatic and fascinating cold-blooded beings (not to mention very attractive!) into our modern day world. With the Cullen’s immortal beauty and poise of course it makes perfect sense for them to drive such stylish cars. However we get a feeling they’re more of a statement than for practicality as the vampires have the amazing ability to run in excess of a hundred miles per hour!


1. The Volvo S60R: The sportier version of the standard S60, with a touch of elegance and mystery much like our heartthrob protagonist! The Volvo is known for being quite a safe car, and it would need to be, with the amount of speeding Edward does! In the movies however, they opted for a flashier Volvo C30 instead.

Volvo -S60R-05

*Mentioned in Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse.

2. Aston Martin V12 Vanquish: A gorgeous sports car, dark and sleek with a lot of sophistication. Also famously featured in James Bond! A car that most of us would dream of owning, however Edward rarely drives it. In essence, the Volvo is his day-to-day car and his Aston Martin is saved for special occasions – lucky for some!

Aston -Martin -V12-Vanquish

*Edward drives the Aston Martin to take Bella to her prom. In the movie’s it only features in Breaking Dawn


3. Mercedes S60 Guardian: This is Bella’s “before” car, Edward buys this ultra-safe car for her while she is still fragile and human, to replace her old Chevy truck. For some reason Bella constantly attracts danger and so we can see how this would be an ideal choice for her. With missile proof glass and 4000 pounds worth of body armour we would hope this would calm Edwards over-protective ways. The guardian does not actually exist in reality but is based on the Mercedes S600 guard.

Mercedes S55 AMG
*Mentioned in Breaking Dawn

4. Ferrari F430: This is Bella’s “after” car, once turned into a vampire herself she receives a car more fitting of her new image and persona. Now an official “cold one” we can see how this bold red sports car is symbolic of her new found strength, fearlessness and intensity. We’ll see Bella and her Ferrari in the upcoming Breaking Dawn Part two!

Ferrari -f 430

*Mentioned in Breaking Dawn


5. Porsche 911 Turbo: Alice steals this car in order to race across the Italian countryside and save Edward in time, speed being the ultimate requirement. Moreover, the striking yellow fits nicely with Alice’s quirky optimistic character. After a newfound love for this eye-catching sports car, she asks Edward to buy her one!

2010-Yellow -Porsche -911-Turbo

*Mentioned in New Moon.


6. BMW M3 Convertible: Rosalie is described as being the most beautiful woman in the world, and she is very aware of it! This stunning car, described by Edward as “pretentious”, definitely emphasises her self-admiration. Attention seeking as she is, this bold red BMW will definitely turn heads. Interestingly, she also has a passion for enhancing cars, and her mechanical skills are far better than her brothers!


*Mentioned in Twilight and Eclipse


7. Mercedes S55 AMG: Serious yet beautiful in it’s simplicity. Carlisle, a wealthy man, can enjoy the height of German quality with this elegant Mercedes. His most prominent characteristics are his incredible self-control and loyalty, qualities we can relate to the slick Mercedes itself.

S 55AMG Mercedes Twilight


8. Jeep Wrangler: Emmett has a very cheerful and childish character. The Jeep Wrangler is the perfect boys toy. Large, bold and boisterous this Monster Jeep is probably the best match for Emmett, with his height and muscles he would definitely look quite awkward inside a sleek sports car! The jeep is used a lot by the Cullen’s to travel long distances, as it is evidently the most durable off-road.

Jeep _wrangler Twilight*Mentioned in Twilight and Eclipse

So, which is your favourite Cullen car?

By Sarah L


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