The World’s Craziest Car Stunts | (Article)

The Man with the Golden Gun – What better a way
to begin this list than to include a stunt from the infamous James
Bond film series which is not only timeless but features some
breathtaking stunts! This particular one was performed by “Bumps”
Willard (as James Bond). You may remember it… it’s the scene
where Bond is driving an AMC Hornet and leaps a broken bridge,
spinning around 360 degrees in mid-air. To top off an already
brilliant stunt, this was successfully completed on the first take!
Wow! And there was me thinking my successful first attempt at
parallel parking was pretty special!

Fast Five
While this may be considered more of a car chase than a “stunt”,
the scene whereby the male protagonists drag a vault out of a bank
in the 2011 film, was very much real, with little
computer-generated imagery used. The filmmakers admitted to
destroying over 200 cars during the course of the scene, as well as
smashing parked cars, trees and bus shelters. Ouch!


Tightrope Driving
This is an outright bizarre concept if I’ve ever heard one! Liu
Suozhu completed the 750 ft journey on two steel cables suspended
at 150 ft over Miluo River in Pingjiang city, China in front of
tens of thousands of spectators in 2008. This intimidating journey
took him 30 minutes. An effective method of beating those traffic
congestions that we all love to hate or just plain mad?


The Deadly 720
– Saving the best for last… sort of! Top Gear has done it again
by running a buggy through a double loop-the-loop rig. This stunt
was successfully completed in South Africa in front of a live
audience of 15,000 people on June 16. This was the world’s first
successful attempt and a remarkable one at that!

 Deadly 720Top Gear Stunt -MAIN

Hot Wheels
Double Loop Dare
– Move aside Top Gear! A team of
engineers and daredevil drivers have built a 60 ft vertical loop
modelled on the child’s Hot Wheels racing toy and the stunt is due
to be performed at X-Games on June 30th. This stunt will see two
motorists in separate cars race each other around the loop where
they will experience the same 7G gravitational force as a fighter
pilot. This will be the first ever attempt of this kind. (Watch
this space!)


Images Courtesy of: Blogspot, WordPress, Jalopnik, ZerotoHundred
and MSN.

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