Things We’ll Miss About The Old BMW M3 And Why We’re Excited For The New Model

There’s a brand new BMW M3 coming, so here’s a farewell to the fantastic but now old E90 V8 model and a look at what’s going to make the new car special. 

As we know, there’s a new BMW M3 on the way. BMW enthusiast blogs like BMWcoop have been obsessively covering the new M-car ever since the F30 generation 3 Series was revealed a couple of years ago.

The new car will show its face at the Detroit Auto Show in January packing 424hp from a 3.0liter twin turbo straight six engine which sends drive to the rear wheels only in typical BMW-M fashion. The new car will be a whole lot lighter than the model it replaces weighing in at less than 1500kg. It all sounds jolly good, but will the new M3 be able to better the old V8 car’s charisma and character?

Here are five things we’ll miss about the old V8 M3 followed by a few reasons why we’re excited about the new car.

1. Redline that starts with the number eight.

The 4.0liter naturally aspirated V8 from the now old M3 was a total monster of a power plant. At low speeds it growled and burbled away and the sound grew into a stunning metallic shriek as the rev needle approached that stratospherically high red line. With the new car sporting two fewer cylinders and two turbocharges it’s going to have a tough job matching the old cars sound and telepathic throttle response.

2. It’s a slightly posh drift machine.

Big V8 engine, two driven rear wheels, electronically controlled rear differential. The old M3 is a monumental hooligan, it loves to eat tyres, and that means it has quite a good sense of humor. Here it is in action…

3. Hydraulic power steering…

In the old M3 you got proper, meaty, hydraulic power steering instead of one of those silly new fuel-saving electric systems without any ‘feel’. Although, it must be said, the system in the current 3 Series on which the new M3’s is based is quite good. But will it be able to match the old car’s precision and feedback? We’ll have to wait and see…

4. You could buy it with two doors.

The first ever M3, the E30, had two doors, the one that came after it also had two doors and so did the next two generations. But, the new fifth generation car is only going to be sold as a four-door – the coupe version will be called ‘M4’. ‘So what’ you say? Pedigree and history are important, you know.

5. Someone made a pick-up version…

What car could possibly be better than a V8 BMW M3 pick-up? Seriously.

So then, what is there to look forward to about the new car?

1. It’s going to be seriously quick.

Along with a little more horsepower, the new car is packing a chunk more torque than the V8 car. It’s also significantly lighter than the old, slightly bloated M3. You do the math – less weight, more power, it’s going to be fast. We wouldn’t be at all surprised if it completes the 0-62mph run in less than 4.2 seconds.

2. Its got a straight six!

BMW are experts when it comes to building magnificent high performance straight six engines. Their fantastic silky smooth straight six engines are what really put BMW on the map some years ago. And the new M3 has six, inline, turbocharged cylinders. What’s more, the engine’s redline is set somewhere beyond 7500rpm so it should be a real singer.

3. The diet.

The new M3 is significantly lighter than the old V8 car weighing in at less than 1500kg making it more than 100kg lighter than the model it replaces. And thanks to a carbon fiber roof and other bespoke lightweight components the M3 is lighter even than the most powerful 3 Series that you can currently buy, the 335i. The effects that the diet should have on the car’s handling can only be good.

4. It looks pretty handsome… 

Earlier this week the new BMW M3 was spotted completely uncovered while it was being filmed by production crew for what seems to be a TV commercial. Looks good, no?

It should be a cracking car, the new BMW M3, we look forward to getting to know it over the coming months and years.

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