This ‘Ken Box’ Ken Block Parody Video Is Laugh Out Loud Funny! | VIDEO

Internet drifting sensation, Ken Block, has inspired a hilarious ‘Ken Box’ parody video!

We’re in awe of Ken Block, he is a master of car control and pro hooligan. He can drift his Ford Fiesta Gymkhana car at the maddest angles, freakishly close to obstacles such as ladders with gorillas on them.

Now, you too can drift like Ken Block, probably, with the Razor Crazy Cart! It’s a sort of small child’s toy that’s designed purely to go sideways. How awesome is that!?

Now, check out the hilarious ‘Ken Box’ Ken Block Parody video, but don’t be alarmed by the health and safety nonsense if you’re a bit of a worrywart because only ‘professional’ gorillas were used in the making of this film.


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