Top 4 Driving Fails | (Article)

I really could spend all day talking about the silly
mistakes that we all think we wouldn’t make, yet, we do…!
Forgetting to lock the car, leaving the keys in the ignition, or
worst of all, getting into the wrong car! I think that one is even
worse than when you find yourself talking to your friend at the
supermarket and it turns out your “friend” is somebody else… or
better still, you’re talking to yourself!

So, to give you a few “You’ve Been Framed!” moments,  we’ve
come across some extremely, excuse the slang… rookie errors!

Record Failed Driving Tests
– Not everyone is
fortunate enough to pass their driving tests first time. It’s a
tough time of remembering the mirror signal manoeuvre, driving at
the perfect speed and trying not to falter under pressure. That
being said though some have really taken the biscuit! The UK record
for failed theory test attempts is a woman from Southwark in South
London who failed her 90th attempt in November 2010, costing her
almost £3,000 before even sitting her practical test. Worldwide
however, it emerged in 2009 that there was a South Korean woman who
had attempted and failed the written test 771 times. You’ve got to
hand it to her though! Most of us would have given up at around
about the 100th attempt (or am I being a bit

World’s Worst Parking
– It’s hard to reward
someone with the “world’s worst parking job” as there are just too
many! I think it’s safe to say that it’s something we encounter day
to day. So instead, we’ll just show a few that are pretty up there
with the worst and we’ll let the photos do the talking!





Highest Number of Car Parking
 We thought it
would be interesting to find out who has received the most amount
of car parking tickets but it seems to be a bit like finding a
needle in a haystack. We did however come across this photo (poor


Fastest Speeding
 – This was
issued to a Koenigsegg CCR in Texas, USA, in May 2003. The car was
allegedly driving at 242mph on a 75mph zone. That’s over THREE
times the speed limit! To make you feel a bit better though, this
was during the
Gumball 3000 Rally. It wasn’t quite your average Joe
feeling the need for speed on a random sunny afternoon.

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