Top 5 Car Videos Of The Week

1. The ‘Racist’ Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial.

Is a cheerful, laid back person who just so happens to speak in a Jamaican accent and star in a commercial advertising the VW Beetle really racist? Decide for yourself, but it seems pretty harmless to me.




2. The McLaren P1: The Next Steps Towards Production.

Watch as the McLaren P1 drives quickly, shoots blue flames from its exhaust and does many other incredibly cool testosterone filled things.


3. The Forza Horizon February Jalopnik Car Pack Trailer.

Have you ever seen a 1966 Ford Country Squire and Subaru BRZ drifting side by side? Us neither… Until now! It may not actually be real, but the graphics are no doubt incredible.


4. Road Rage In Russia.

What list of top videos of the week would be complete without a clip from Russia? Ok, so there weren’t even any guns involved which is a little disappointing, but something tells me this video was cut short…



5. Toyota GT86, Roadtrip to Le Mans – XCAR

The titles pretty self-explanatory really, it’s a road trip – great – to the greatest motorsport event on the calendar, in one of the greatest cars of 2012. Greatness aplenty. Until, the erm, French police get involved…



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