Top 5 Epic Car Ads | (Video)

New car models are introduced to us through new imaginative ways, making them become a popular topic on social networks such as YouTube and Twitter. When researching for our recent News Article about the New Nissan Juke we came across the advert for the car; the effort and creativity put in to that short video is incredible. So we decided to pick our TOP 5 from 2012 so far, you really wonder how they come up with these ideas…

1.    Nissan Juke

Nissan’s strive for innovation can definitely be seen in this ad with the exciting gradual building of the new Nissan Juke model. The car was inspired by adventure sports and we can certainly see the energy in the ad. Different parts of the car are gradually added onto the Nissan in some quite awkward and extreme situations, take a look?


2.    Audi A5:

Using the classic “Ugly Duckling” children’s story as their inspiration Audi have created a charming short film about the progress of the Audi cars from the 1920’s to the stunning and glamorous cars of today! The model used here was actually made in just six weeks; replicating the prototype Audi originally designed by pioneer engineer Paul Jaray. In the ad we see this car metamorphose into the beautiful swan that is the modern-day Audi A5.

3.    Chevy Sonic:

Introducing the new Chevy Sonic a.k.a. Sonic the adrenaline junkie! Always up for a challenge this creative ad shows us a number of “Sonics First’s” – including his first Skydive and first Bungee jump! Yes that’s right, Chevy have created a series of clips that show us an incredible range of exciting “Firsts” – fun and crazy stunts that just blow your mind! Watch a compilation of some of his “Firsts” below or check out the Lets Do This website to see each individual stunt plus pictures and behind-the-scenes clips.


4.    Nissan Qashqai :

This quirky ad brings the Nissan Qashqai to life with fun (and very unusual may I add!) animated cartoons and cool special effects. Described as the “Ultimate Urban car” the ad follows the Nissan as it finds its way through a dynamic city – with shifting roads, slow motion explosions and weird characters that help it along the way.

5.    BMW M5:

Yet another exciting ad but this time with a rather artistic twist! It has been called “High Performance Art” as it embodies an innovative blend of intense driving, classical music and creative stunts. Sounds bizarre but it really is very entertaining! This new 2012 ad for the BMW M5 reminds us of the great stamina and stealth of the model. Claimed to be the world’s fastest car, the ad recreates super slow-motion “bullet” footage…

Hope you enjoyed these ads as much as we did! Wouldn’t it be a great job to be involved in the making of them? If you’ve seen some new car ads this year that you think top these ones or are just as amazing then post them on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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