Top 5 Iconic Cars From Movies Ever! | (Article)

In order to
complete this list, you must first understand the definition of

“Relating to,
resembling. Or having the character and sign or representation that
stands for its object”

Therefore, in this
context, an iconic car is one that has become synonymous with the
film, even at times becoming more easily recognised than the lead
actors. While there are a huge number of iconic cars out there,
we’ve done our best to whittle it down to just five, which is not
an easy task!


1 – Back to the Future: 1982 De Lorean DMC

How could a car used as a time-machine with doors
that open upwards not have earned a spot on this list? I still want
one of these iconic cars 27 years after the film was released!



2 – Dukes of Hazzard: The General Lee -Dodge

You know a car is going to steal the show when it has
its own name and ever so slightly irritating musical horn! While
technically not a film until 2005 with a questionable cast of
Jessica Simpson and Johnny Knoxville, this is one of the most
iconic cars of all time, even people that have never seen the show
(myself included) can recognise The General Lee!

General Lee


3 – The Italian Job: Charlie’s getaway

I’m not entirely sure which is more famous from this
film, the cars or Michael Caine shouting “you were only supposed to
blow the bloody doors off!” Regardless, the mini is an
integral part of the film – with the release of the BMW Mini in
2000, a re-make of the film soon followed; they had to up-date the
film for the younger generations who had no knowledge of a mini
with no cooper!

Austin -Mini -Cooper -the -Italian -Job -21


 4 – James Bond, Various: Aston Martin

Every boy in the world wants to be/thinks they are James Bond. With one of
the most idolised characters in the history of film, it’s no wonder
his car which is featured in many of the 007 films and has been
driven by four different Bonds, has made it on to the most iconic

Aston -Martin -DB5-1963-James -Bond -Car


5 – The Love Bug:
Herbie the VW Beetle

The loveable little
VW beetle, which everyone who watched the film wanted to own! This
car definitely out shone his co-characters – “Carole Bennet who?”
do I hear you say?



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list? Let us know your top 5 in the comments box below!

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