Top 5 Music Videos Featuring Sports Cars

Music, celebrities and Sportscars, now there’s an exciting combo!

Inspired by the current UK chart-topping music video for “We’ll be coming back” by Calvin Harris, guest-starring a stunning Ferrari and vintage Porsche, here at Carhoots, we decided to have a look into some other incredible supercar appearances within the Music Video world.

1. “We’ll be coming back” – Calvin Harris featuring Example

This new release caught our attention immediately, the Ferrari BB 512 and 1973 Porsche 911 T take the leading roles and completely steal the show! Set in California the video features a series of high-speed car chases across some hot LA roads. A recent interview revealed that Harris was excited about these “flash cars” as they both wanted to “look cool” in the music video. We would definitely agree that the cars add class and style to the story-line.

2. “Still DRE” – Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg

Going back to this 2001 hit, hip-hop legend Dr Dre and the infamous rapper Snoop Dog joined forces in this video to recreate an old-school American vibe. The video features a range of classic lowriders with crazy hydraulics bouncing up and down to the beat. “Got swagger” is all we can say about the 60’s Chevrolet Impala!

3.“Show me what you got” – Jay Z

This might not be one of the rappers most famous songs, but this music video is definitely worth watching! Filmed in Monaco (which says it all!) we see the beautiful Danica Patrick chase Jay Z and Dale Earnhardt Jr. driving a gorgeous Ferrari F430 Spyder and Pagani Zonda. Yet another thrilling car chase full of automotive eye candy for you!

4. “Cosmic girl” – Jamiroquai

This 1997 hit went straight to the top ten; and we were excited to see the video feature three of the most iconic 90’s supercars: The Ferrari F355, the Lamborghini Diablo, and the Ferrari F40. Set in the Spain, these breath-taking supercars race through the Mediterranean heat. Not much of a story-line to the video but we reckon Jamiroquai makes up for it with his choice of supercars!

5. “Stylo” – Gorillaz

Stylo is definitely a musical tribute to the American muscle car era. Featuring a Chevrolet El Camino (with Bruce Willis behind the wheel) and a Chevrolet Camaro (driven by the Gorillaz), in yet another fast-paced car chase along a hot, dusty desert road! Feast your eyes on these gorgeous vintage models…

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