Top 5 Viral Videos of the week

It’s that
time again fellow CarHooters! In this week’s CarHoots top five videos; some of
the most lust worthy super cars being let loose in Italy, a drift battle on a
zero grip speedway circuit, Chris Harris on track in the brand new Renaultsport
Clio, a preview of whats to come at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed, and
an Audi TT finds its new home in someone else’s living room, ahh… Lets get

Ferrari F12 vs Lamborghini Aventador vs Aston Vanquish – Evo

We all love a
good super car mash up review, and Evo magazine is often there to for fill
those needs in bucket loads. In this video, familiar face Henry Catchpole takes
three of the hottest V12 super cars to the Italian hills and gives them a darn
good thrashing, all for our enjoyment of course…

Drift Battle: Insane Sports Car Vs. Speedway Bike – XCAR

The guys at
XCAR really know how to make a cracking car video, and this is no exception.
Take one empty Leicester Lions speedway track, a speedway bike and a Tiger ZR6
(basically a chassis, roll cage and a 280bhp engine) and you have yourself what
could only be described as a perfect scenario for some sideways action.

Renault Clio RRS 200 EDC: On Road and Track – CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

Chris Harris
is just a legend isn’t he? Just as happy in a small French hot hatchback as in
a £300,000 super car. Though in this video he poses an important question. How
has driver dis-involvement – the lack of a manual transmission and the
inclusion of electric power steering – affected a hot hatchbacks performance?
As you will probably see from the video above, this little Clio will still lift
off oversteer like any that came before it.

Lamborghini Espada drive and 2013 Goodwood FOS Preview – Evo

Blimey, Evo
has been churning out some brilliant car videos this week, first with its super
car mash up and also with this Evo Diaries video on the Goodwood Festival of
Speed. Harry Metcalfe not only shows us what we can expect to see at the show
in the summer, but also shows off his latest ‘investment’ too – a Lamborghini
Espada. Taking us on a drive to Goodwood in style.

Audi TT bins it into someones living room

Right, now
with all the car geekery and wheel spinnery over and done with lets get back to
the crux of this weeks car videos and pose the question – why the heck is there
an Audi TT attached to this houses coving?! Either a tailgating escapade gone
wrong or being late for an appointment at the hairdressers has seen this
typical Audi driver career off the road, over a 3 Series Coupe, across an A4 Avant to become the centre piece of this houses
front room. Because who needs a tele when you could have shattered glass,
crumbling bricks and a 3.2 litre V6 throbbing in the background – now if that
isn’t 3D I don’t know what is!

By Dan
Agombar ( @DMAgombar )

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