Top Five Car Videos Of The Week – March 15th

No crazy Russian driving this week in our top car videos BUT we’ll hopefully make up for it as we feature the brilliant viral Jeff Gordan Pepsi advert, Kimi Raikkonen gives a driving lesson (on ice!) and a man jumps over a speeding Lamborghini.

1. Jeff Gordon – Test Drive


Somehow a typically er, plumpish American car salesman, a Jeff Gordan – who is a Nascar racing driver – and a can of soft drink made global news this week. It’s a good ‘un filled with classic sideways American cowboy tomfoolery, but unfortunately it’s all fake. Shame. 

2. The Lamborghini WRC – Stage One


A few weeks ago we brought you the Rolls Royce Phantom drifting in a damp field video, then we brought you the Ferrari Enzo rally video, and now we bring you a Lamborghini Gallardo getting muddy on a rally stage. Turn up the volume!

3. Kimi Raikkonen Give A Driving Lesson


Kimi is a man of very few words, in fact he tries to be as ‘economical’ as possible when it comes to word usage. Something which is made pretty clear in this video where Kimi ‘teaches’ Natalie Pinkham how to drive on ice. “What gear should I be in?” asks Natalie, “I don’t care, any gear!” says Kimi. The man should be a comedian. 

4. Porsche Sport Driving School – XCAR 


This week XCAR got some driving lessons from the Porsche experts. Alex drove some brand spanking new 911’s on some slippery surfaces, plus a rather special 997 series GT3 RS around Silverstone. Things get a bit sideways. 

5. Man Jumps Speeding Lamborghini


This week, somewhere in Australia, at a TopGear festival, a man with enormous testes, jumps over a Lamborghini Murcielago, which you’ll notice, isn’t exactly cocking about, it’s moving quickly! 

By Aiden Taylor ( @AidenT_RD )

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