Top Five Videos Of The Week

1. Mini Backflips.

This week Mini of all carmakers took a ‘lightly’ modified Countryman and a Frenchman with some rather large testes to some snowy slopes and er, did a backflip. This put Mini in the record books for successfully completing the worlds first ever backflip in a car.


2. Mercedes A45 AMG Makes Some Noise.
Who said four cylinder engines can’t sound sweet? This 2.0 liter AMG turbo that pumps out an astounding 360hp sounds completely manic with a wild whine as the engine soars toward its redline followed by a lovely crackle and pop on the upshift. I’ve never heard anything like it, it’s incredible.


3. Powersliding the Skoda Fabia S2000 rally car (XCAR). 
This week the lucky lads from XCAR swapped their soft and cuddly Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo for a devilish rally prepped version. It’s angry, it’s loud, it’s fast and it’s usually sideways…


4. Russian Rides A Robot Ostrich.
This week we bring you yet another weird and wonderful video from Russia, I think it’s almost becoming a weekly thing. Is your ride to work just a bit bland? Perhaps it’s a beige Toyota Camry or a pathetic little scooter, if so what you’ll really want is this robot ostrich. It features phenomenal road holding, an ergonomically designed helm and many other desirable features, probably – I can’t understand the Russian.


5. I’m Just Waiting For A Mate.
Here’s a video from Australia (my homeland), but more specifically, the classy suburb of Carrum Downs in Melbourne – says it all really. A man who isn’t drunk at all doesn’t crash what he says is ‘his’ pristine example of a Hyundai Excel at a shopping center. The police arrive to find an honest man with a beard who, as it turns out, is just waiting for a mate in a steaming, buckled and ruined Hyundai.


By Aiden Taylor ( @AidenT_RD

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