Top Viral Car Videos Of The Week – April 12th

In Carhoots’ top videos this week; some infants drive a Ferrari F430, some more Ferraris playing tug of war, the Fast 6 movie trailer reenacted with RC cars, Ken Block sideways in Russia, XCAR discover that people are stupid and a rear bumper falls off!

1. Ferrari F50 Tug Of War


From the creators of the Rolls Royce Phantom drifting through a muddy field and the Ferrari Enzo paddock bashed videos, comes this – a pair of limited edition Ferrari F50’s being rallied before finally engaging in a classic tug of war. When will the madness end!?

2. Ken Block In Russia


Its been a few weeks since we’ve had a clip from Russia in our weekly top videos, but this week we’ve got a special one. And it doesn’t involve anyone riding a fridge or being shot at, sadly. Instead we’ve got Ken Block going completely mental in a Ford Focus through some snow and tree filled Russian countryside! Ok, there is SOME typical Russian road rage thrown in for good measure.

3. Some infants drive a Ferrari F430


What were you doing when you were five years old? Cocking about in a wooden billy kart bodge job? Eating glue? Maybe you were just getting off your training wheels if you were really advanced, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that you weren’t roaming the streets in a 483hp Ferrari F430 like these kids. It’s not fair!

4. Fast 6 RC Parody


You’ve seen the Fast 6 movie trailer (hopefully, watch here if not, it’s fairly awesome), now see some remote control car hobbyists reenact it. To quote Mr. Ludacris himself, “they’ve got a damn tank!”!

5. Volvo S60 Radar Cruise Control Challenge – XCAR


I’ve often wondered whether it would be possible to drive from one side of London to the other without touching the accelerator pedal more than once. As it turns out, if people aren’t stupid, it is possible! But people are stupid, so it isn’t really. 

We were really spoilt for choice this week! Notable mentions must go to the new Rush F1 movie trailer, and Fernando Alonso giving the Ferrari LaFerrari a through thrashing. Enjoy the weekend Carhooters!

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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