Top Viral Car Videos Of The Week – April 19th

In this weeks Carhoots top viral car videos; a pissed Ferrari owner who “could buy your whole family”, some complete lunatics, some crashing into a wall, and a bit of Jaguar F-Type. Oh, some tyres get slayed as well.

Ferrari Owner is Pissed


Watch what happens when you spray some mostly harmless water in front of a Ferrari 360, which happens to be parked in a handicapped parking bay. This man is the reason why chavs spit in the face of Ferrari owners, I believe he says “I can buy your whole family”… What a complete and utter idiot! 

Dude, That Isn’t Drifting.


We’re no experts when it comes to drifting, although after much discussion, banter, and some mild violence (not really), we’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t involve driving about a damp car park crashing into walls…

Jaguar F-Type: Road Test Review – XCAR


Here’s all you need to know about the new and rather brilliant Jaguar F-Type. You’ll want to turn up the volume for this one because the 5.0liter Supercharged V8 sounds like thunder being exploded, somehow. It sounds pretty savage, ok, just watch.

Jaguar F-Type V6S vs Porsche 911 Carrera Carbiolet – Evo


And here’s some more Jaguar F-Type goodness. This time the Jaaag is put through its paces by oversteer overlord, Tiff Needell. Why not throw in a Porsche 911 Cabrio for good measure, too. Someone had better order some new rear tyres… 

Hello, this is the Russian police!


We’ve got a classic Russian dash cam video in the mix this week. Russian dash cams or RDC’s have become world renowned for capturing moments of weird and whacky Russian-ness, and this one is no different. Isn’t bus stop destroying usually done by inconsiderate youths rather than police? 

There we have it Carhooters, enjoy the weekend, and for the love of god, don’t take a leak on any Ferraris!

By Aiden Taylor ( @AidenT_RD)

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