Top Viral Car Videos Of The Week – April 26th

It’s that time again CarHooters! Top 5 Videos is coming right at you with the very best that the
internet Gods can throw at us.

This week, a battle of the BMW’s, two legendary M3’s are given
their chance to shine. Three of the best super cars hit the Welsh mountain roads with some
seriously raw camera footage. A round table to answer the question, what would your post
teenage self buy with $25,000. The definitive hot hatch, the Golf GTI ­gets reviewed. And finally,
a Nissan Juke has an unexpected encounter with an angle grinder… That can only go well!

1. XCAR -­ BMW M3: E30 and E92 GTS


Our good friends over at XCAR have certainly kept our jaws dropped with their take on two of the
most legendary and exclusive BMW M3’s money can buy. The E30 M3 speaks for itself and the
E92 GTS shows us how far racing technology for the road has come.

2. Evo – Audi R8 Plus, Ferrari 458 Italia, Mclaren 12C ­on the road


Evo magazine certainly knows how to conduct some class­ A hoonage when behind the wheel of
a few supercars, this Welsh spirited drive gives us an idea of what it is like to be a GoPro, with
raw engine sound and huge speed screaming out of these three iconic super cars.

3. MotorTrend ­New or Used for $25k? ­Wide Open Throttle


Wide Open Throttle always gives us gearheads something to look forward to, the idea of a round
table to bring up the greatest debates among motoring is a legendary concept. This time the
MotorTrend gang discuss the best cars for an enthusiast to buy with $25,000, whether entry level
luxury is becoming the new mainstream, and why Fisker has fallen in the shadow of Tesla’s

4. Auto Express ­Golf GTI Review


It’s back, everyones favourite hot hatch has returned in Mk 7 guise to take on the likes of the
Focus ST and Vauxhall Astra VXR, and while the GTI may be down on power compared to the
chief torque steerers, this new Golf is certainly no slouch, as Auto Express’ Mat Watson
demonstrates here.

5. Biker vs. Nissan Juke


No, CarHoots Top 5 Videos is complete without a clip from those crazy Russians, but this is no
insane motorway pile up, this biker takes the law into his own hands when, well… You’ll have to
watch to find out what happens next, all I am saying is, lets hope that driver of the Juke isn’t
planning on looking backwards any time soon.

By Dan Agombar ( @DMAgombar )

What were your favourite car clips of the week? What performance car would you buy with
MotorTrends $25,000 budget? Join the discussion on Facebook or send us a tweet @CarHootsUK, stay tuned on the Carhoots Blog for more Top 5 Videos and plenty of car based tomfoolery. 

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