Top ‘Viral’ Car Videos Of The Week – Episode 16

In this weeks Carhoots top viral car videos; a Nissan GT-R tears up a ski slope, XCAR drive the new Range Rover Sport er, through an aero plane, Matt Farah gets shot at while inside a bulletproof Mercedes Benz S Class, motorcycle vs car drift battle 3 and Seb Loeb’s record breaking Pikes Peak run in POV form. 

1. Nissan GT-R Tears Up A Ski Slope


Driving on snow always creates some spectacular, usually sideways, imagery. This video is no different; the Nissan GT-R’s four-wheel-drive system claws its way to the top of a ski slope. On the way it’s met by a couple of snowmobiles and some dubstep music, naturally.

2. New Range Rover Sport: Close To Perfect? – XCAR


Our buddies from XCAR drive the new Range Rover Sport, complete with a 5.0liter supercharged V8 to make it devilishly fast on the road, in the countryside, on mud, in some creeks and oddly through an aeroplane. 

3. Shooting Matt Farah In A Bulletproof Mercedes


When you buy a used car you have to trust that the owner is being completely honest in their representation of the car, whether it be a BMW 318i badged as an M3, though we’d hope one would notice a lack of unique body panels, extra exhaust tips and obviously lots of speed a noise, or in this case a supposedly bulletproof Mercedes Benz with gold wheels, which just scream trustiness, right? Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire and the DRIVE network decides to put the Benz’s bulletproof-ness to the test by lounging about in the drivers seat while being shot at. 

4. An Epic Driftpocalypse Car Versus Bike Battle.


Two 204hp Turbo Triumph Daytona sport bikes ridden by a couple of drift hooligans ride smokily through a very American village, or ‘county’ as they’re called. Officer Dan gives chase in his Nissan 240SX drift car, which doesn’t even feature any donut transportation systems or cups of cheap coffee, just 575hp of turbocharged madness. Later officer Buck appears with 850 horespower’s worth of supercharged V8 crammed into an off-road buggy with one million inches of suspension travel – no less. It’s Motorcycle VS. Car Drift Battle 3, y’all! You’ll understand the ‘y’all’ bit after you realize just how erm, American this video is… 

5. Sebastian Loeb’s Record Breaking Pikes Peak Run In POV Form


Sebastian Loeb smashed the Pikes Peak hill climb record by a whopping one minute and 33 seconds with a time of
8:13.878 earlier this week. Sebs steed was a custom built Peugeot 208 GTI T16 with no less than 875hp and silly amounts of aero to keep the car stuck to the tarmac during the race to the clouds. Here’s what Seb was seeing as he navigated 156 corners and avoided some monumentally terrifying unguarded drops at warp-speed. 

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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