Top ‘Viral’ Car Videos Of The Week – Episode 17

In this weeks Carhoots top viral car videos; a lorry drives about while on fire, a BMW gets drifted, the new Range Rover Sport races a Spitfire plane, the Jaguar F-Type Project 7 shouts a bit, and XCAR check out the mental Ariel Atom. 

1. Drift King Drives A BMW Like He Stole It


You might’ve noticed that here at Carhoots we love drift videos, almost every week we feature at least one in this segment. There’s a very good reason for this, and well, it’s because drifting is ruddy awesome, as this man known as the ‘Drift King’ is more than happy to demonstrate with a mountain and his nutty BMW 3 Series Coupe. It isn’t an M3, it’s probably a bit better than one of those…

2. Range Rover Sport vs Spitfire


Does it get much cooler than two British icons like the sublime Range Rover (Sport) and legendary Spitfire plane juking it out during a race up and down a runway? The final race result is tantalizingly close! 

3. Jaguar F-Type PROJECT 7 is ANGRY


Unveiled at this weeks Goodwood Festival of Speed, the F-Type Project Seven is a gorgeous piece of speedy, noisy and legendary D-Type-inspired design celebrating Jaguars seven overall Le Mans victories. It’s quite loud. We like. Read more about it here.

4. Ariel Atom: Back To Basics – XCAR


The Ariel Atom takes the phrase “just add lightness” to the very extremes. It has no doors, no roof, no windscreen, and well, not much of anything else really. Except a biblically powerful engine and a track-honed chassis, it’s spectacularly unique and stonkingly fast. Our buddies from XCAR had a word with its designer, a man who probably wears slippers pared back to a pair of sandals, because they’re lighter. 

5. Russian ‘Firetruck’ 


Here’s a classic Russian Dash Cam (RDC) video showing a lorry, which is er, on fire slightly, driving along the road like nothings wrong, and the people videoing the unfolding peril are simply chuckling over the flaming lorry! They had nothing to worry about though, because after a few minutes of roaring under bridges and past other motorists while massive flames bellowed from the truck, the driver finally realizes that his precious cargo – probably animal excrement – was on fire, then simply dumps it by the side of the road to burn. 

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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