Top ‘Viral’ Car Videos Of The Week – Episode 18

In this week’s Carhoots top ‘viral’ car videos; a flying car, er, flies, Jenson Button tests the McLaren P1, the Honda NSX prototype drifts, XCAR drive the Mercedes-Benz SL, a man crashes a scooter and the AMS Alpha Omega GT-R goes quite fast. 

1. Jenson Button Tests The McLaren P1 At The Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Take a look at what Formula One cool guy and Vodafone McLaren driver, Jenson Button, has to say about the technological masterpiece that is the amazing P1. Naturally, he drives the wheels off the thing, making that 900hp hybrid system sing. Jenson’s presumably massive neck muscles even appear to be getting a workout! Must be quick.

2. Mercedes-Benz SL350: What’s In A Name? – XCAR

The original Mercedes-Benz SL was a supercar when it launched with those funny roof-hinged doors some years ago. They were necessary because its chassis was essentially the one found beneath Mercedes’ racecars of the time so it had very tall sills. This latest version isn’t that, at all. It’s quite large, quite heavy, quite soft and quite unlike the Sports Light that was the original SL. But does that matter? XCAR find out. 

3. LOOK! A flying car! Sort of…

Ok, we admit, it does look more plane than car, and a bit dog-like when it’s folding up those wings in a sort of origami-ish way. But, the Terrafugia is road legal and it flies successfully, so therefore it must be a flying car, surely…

4. A Man Crashes A Sort Of Scooter Motorbike Thing. 

We’ve all seen those funny looking scooters with a third wheel loosely attached to the side, they’re fiercely popular in Asian countries, and also, as it turns out, Russia(!), which is technically part of Asia, but sometimes not… Anyway, after a bit of mild banter between the bike-rider and Corolla driver, the motorist decides he’s going to put the bicyclist in his place by randomly swerving and slamming on the brakes, this stuns the bike-rider who’s three wheeled beast gets on two wheels (the correct number), then falls over. 

5. Honda/Acura NSX Prototype – Wet Track

It does actually move! We’ve seen several concept versions of Honda’s revived NSX, but we’ve never actually seen it turn a wheel. Until now that is! And there’s good news, because that mid-mounted V6 sounds rather tasty. The new hybrid NSX skids as well so it’s no Prius, which is nice. 

6. AMS Alpha Omega GT-R Goes Sub 8 Seconds At The ¼ Mile

Behold; the world’s first 7 second Nissan GT-R. It is COMPLETELY insane, the Alpha Omega GT-R produces a startling 1800hp at the wheels (over 2000hp at the crank), 0-60mph takes 1.7 seconds – a shade quicker than a modern F1 car – and it blasts through the quarter mile mark in a truly alarming 7.984 seconds. But what’s unique about the Alpha Omega is the way it still manages to work away from the drag strip without exploding every time you indicate right or change gear, and most importantly, it handles a Donut King drive through with absolute ease. 

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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