Top ‘Viral’ Car Videos Of The Week – Episode 21

In this week’s Carhoots top ‘viral’ car videos; MotorTrend pick 2013’s best drivers car, XCAR drag race some Ford GT cars, the Ferrari 458 gets all Speciale, we prove that the BMW M4 will have a manual transmission, and a man does some speed dating. 

1. Ford GT40 vs Ford GT vs Ford GT70 Drag Race – XCAR


Our mates at XCAR did something really, really, really special last week. They took three awesome Ford GT cars – the GT40, GT70 and GT, er, nothing – then put them against each other in an epic drag race. Oh the noise!

2. Picking the 2013 Best Driver’s Car! – MotorTrend 


Have a sit, make sure you’ve got some food and drink handy, then watch expert racer Randy Pobst, Carlos Lago and MotorTrend editor, Angus MacKenzie, choose 2013’s best drivers car. And drive over some unlucky animals… But we wont get bogged down in that issue.

*We should explain that Carhoots.com does not, in any way, condone animal cruelty…

3. Ferrari 458 Speciale


THIS, is the latest lightweight, mid engine Ferrari supercar and it is, quite literally, special. You can read more about the Special Ferrari here.



Over the last few weeks something odd has been happening. Y’see, many media outlets have been claiming that the new BMW M4 and its sedan-shaped M3 sibling will be offered with dual clutch automatic transmissions only without a great deal of that evidence stuff to back up those bold claims. Well, here’s a BMW M4 which, quite clearly, is fitted with three pedals and a stick. No manual? Pah! 

5. Speed Dating…In A Clio RS.


I’ve never done speed dating before, mainly because there are much more, er, normal, methods of meeting the opposite sex. But, if speed dating actually involved sitting in a hot hatch being driven by a French-lady racing driver I might just give it a go, y’know. 

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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