Top ‘Viral’ Car Videos Of The Week – Episode 23

In this week’s – mostly car related – Carhoots top ‘viral’ car videos; RUSH gets recreated with Lego, XCAR drive a mental Lexus super saloon, Chris Harris skids about in a Ferrari F40 and F50, a Lotus takes on another small vehicle, and the McLaren P1 drives quite quickly.

1. Ferrari F40 v Ferrari F50. Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before – Chris Harris On Cars


 This video really needs no introduction or description. But here’s one anyway; the F40 is regarded by many as the greatest supercar ever made and it’s performance is still truly staggering even by modern standards. The F50 that came after the F40 probably didn’t deliver the straight-line speed or raw excitement of the older car, but it’s monster V12 engine shared a block with Ferrari’s F1 car of the time and revved beyond 8000rpm. Ch’yeah, they’re both quite amazing. And that’s all before Mr. Chris Harris has drifted them around a circuit.

2. Lego RUSH Trailer


Think all of those ‘official’ RUSH movie trailers are cool? Well, this version created with some Lego and um, clever editing is, no arguments please, freaking awesome! 

3. TMG TS-650: Could TMG be Lexus’ AMG? – XCAR


The recipe for a super saloon is as uncomplicated as a ham sandwich. You take a relatively discrete looking four-door car, feed it steroids so that it looks all muscly and angry, add some supercar powertrain and suspension bits then go sideways in a cloud of tyre smoke and white noise. Simples! So, can Lexus – formerly the librarian of the car world – replicate the successes of an incredible brand like Mercedes-AMG? XCAR find out…

4. Car Battle: AC Cobra Pocket Classics vs Lotus Elise S – CarThrottle


It’s lightweight track monster versus, um, lightweight track monster. It’s Britain versus America. Burgers versus beans and mash. Lotus versus Shelby. And in a strange turn of events, it’s the American car in this highly informative, consumer advice-focused track battle that makes the stripped out Lotus look like a bit of a barge-ass – this should be interesting….

5. McLaren P1 Tested To The Extremes – Heat


Earlier you watched two old school Ferrari supercars skidded around a track by quite an excitable man. The McLaren P1 puts the supercar at least two generations ahead of those two Ferraris, it has almost double the horsepower of the F40 or F50 (BONKERS), a dual clutch transmission, an electric motor and so much aero that it brings a new meaning to the term ‘glued to the road’.

But before the first batch of P1 production cars are delivered to their lucky owners, the 900hp hybrid has to face one final test: heat. 

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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