Top ‘Viral’ Car Videos Of The Week – Episode 24

In this week’s Carhoots top ‘viral’ car videos; the awesome Ferrari 458 Speciale skids a bit, a man smashes his BMW M6 with a hammer, a man with large testes oversteers a classic Ford GT40 around a soggy Goodwood Circuit, some people stain their trousers and we show you how to pay a parking fine…Like a boss. 

Man destroys his BMW M6 with a hammer

So, you’ve got a BMW M6, with no less than ten cylinders and 500hp, but rather annoyingly it isn’t quite operating perfectly. Naturally, you take it to a BMW dealer to be mended. At a later stage the car is returned to you, but the problem still exists. Obviously, the only logical thing to do next is hold a public protest and completely destroy said BMW M6 with liberal application of hammer, right? Douche!

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Yes, the 458 Speciale might have a stupid name, but there is no denying how unbelievably awesome it is with its stripped out cabin and cool active aero bits moving about. We challenge you to watch this video without grinning like a five year old, we couldn’t… Admittedly, the highly appropriate dubstep sound track may have something to do with this, but it’s mainly the car’s coolness.

Close Call With A Monster Truck

Now, was that some very, very talented showmanship, or is the driver of that massive monster truck a bit of a numpty? Either way, the crowd got their moneys worth, and maybe some pooh-stained trousers to take home as a sort of memento… 

Man with massive testes wrestles a classic ford GT40 around a soggy Goodwood Circuit

Words really can’t describe how phenomenally good this driver’s car control skills are, so we’ll let the his dabs (and occasionally arm-fulls) of opposite lock do the talking. But just remember, he’s driving a priceless old Ford GT40 racing car on a damp track filled with many, er, obstacles that just so happen to be other priceless old racing cars… This man has no fear.

How to pay a parking fine… Like a boss.

Parking fines are deeply irritating. Because, often you’re forced to park in an ‘illegal’ place because there aren’t enough actual parking spaces available, so really, if we’re being logical it’s the authorities’ fault that you had to park on a piece of dirt or garden illegally, isn’t it? This guy shows how to stick it to the man, and pay a parking fine… like a boss. 

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