Top Viral Car Videos Of The Week – Episode 26

In this week’s Carhoots top ‘viral’ car videos; the Nismo 370Z races a man wearing a wingsuit, XCAR conduct an awesome BMW history lesson, McLaren celebrate 50 years in F1, and some bikies do dumb things.

NISMO 370Z Versus A Man In A Wingsuit

The racing season has ended and the drivers need something to do… What better way to while away the off-season than to race a bloke in a wingsuit down a massive mountain?

BMW Roadsters: 1929-2013 – XCAR

History lessons are normally incredibly boring. A person usually dressed in beige or brown will speak some words that probably won’t make much sense, you’ll fall asleep and that’ll be the end of that. This history lesson conducted by XCAR, however, is one you’ll want to pay attention to. It’s pretty awesome.

Spirit Of McLaren

More history! McLaren celebrates fifty years of Formula One racing this year, here’s a look back at the team’s former champions and what makes McLaren F1 so special.

Some Dumb Bikies Attack A Family In A Range Rover

So, a group of motorbikers are out having a ride around New York, and then randomly, one of them chooses to brake check a Range Rover. They all come to a stop, the bloke driving the Range Rover with his wife and child onboard becomes surrounded by a pack of very angry bikies, so, naturally, he drives off, fleeing for his safety, in the process running over some bikes and a bikie. Later the bikies catch up to the guy and start smashing his car with their helmets… What’s really clever though, is how one of the bikies filmed the whole thing and put it on the Internet – now several bikies have been charged! Brilliant!

Biker Couple Perform ’69’ Wheelie Stunt

While we’re on the topic of stupid motorcycle riders… Our collective jaw is still on the floor. 

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