Totally Insane Jet Truck Drag Race | VIDEO

Man takes truck then adds jet engine to go fast and make lots of fire. 

America; home to cheeseburgers, the Hollywood sign, that intriguing Miley Cyrus lady, large pants and of course motor vehicles with massively powerful engines. For example, the other day I spotted a Dodge pickup truck with the V10 engine from a Viper under its bonnet, or ‘hood’ as they say – isn’t a hood something you put over your head when it’s rainy or when you’re being a bit of a toothless criminal with a tattooed face? 

Anyway, here at Carhoots we thought the pickup truck with a whopping great big 8.4liter V10 was pretty ruddy nuts until a chap introduced us to a video, which featured an American man with a jet-powered truck and what is essentially a sort of portable firestorm of monumental scale. It was COMPLETELY insane. 

So, watch these two monstrous jet trucks incinerate some things and roar down a drag strip at silly speeds… 


Hat tip to @Damon_Marshall 

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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