Touching ‘It Couldn’t Be Done’ Advert Kicks Off Audi Ad Campaign

Audi Celebrates ‘Truth in Engineering’ with new creative ad campaign which celebrates Audi’s history and achievements. Starting with the rousing ‘It Couldn’t Be Done’

Following the hugely popular Old Spock vs New Spock advert which went viral, now Audi are launching a huge ad campaign starting in the US. Five ads will be launched in all, but by far the best (in our opinion) is an emotional spot titled, ‘It Couldn’t be Done,’ which celebrates the spirit of bravery and individualism that defines Audi 60-second spot.

The stirring ad based on the poem by Edgar Albert Guest, emarks on Audi’s remarkable history. Detailing the historic start in from founder August Horch in Germany, to the present day, years of
 innovation, competition and creativity.

Our friends at Autoblog.com describe the other four commercials as, “shorter 15-second spots that focus on such familiar themes as the company’s Quattro all-wheel-drive system, the safety of its vehicles, their style and the company’s advances in LED lighting.”

Now lets watch the video’s that stay true to Audi’s tagline ‘Truth in Engineering’

We’ll start with the heart stirring, ‘It couldn’t be Done’


Why? New Audi Commercial


Elements – New Audi Commercial


LED – New Audi Commercial


Beauty – New Audi Commercial


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