Toyota Yaris Hybrid R Concept

The Toyota Yaris is good, but a little bit boring. It’s blander than a bakery that only sells white bread, drearier than a clothesline, more uninspiring than a white wall, less entertaining than diseases. OK, so you get the idea, the Yaris is not a very interesting car.

But, if the boring Yaris had a combined power output of over 400hp sourced from both a racing engine and the hybrid gear found in Toyota’s TSO30 LMP1 Le Mans cars, effectively making it all-wheel-drive, would the little Yaris still be boring? It simply couldn’t be. 


This is where the Toyota Yaris Hybrid R Concept comes in. 

Under its bonnet is a Toyota Motorsport-designed 1.6liter petrol engine, and at the back you’ll find a pair of electric motors to give a total power output that surpasses 400hp.

Like with Toyota’s Le Mans prototype racers, the energy generated during braking is cleverly stored in a super-capacitor then sent back into the powertrain to boost performance. This solution eliminates the need for any heavy, handling-harming batteries.

Toyota reckon this super-capacitor technology is “suitable for use in a sports car”, and the chief engineer behind the GT86 has previously hinted that a more powerful hybrid version of the rear drive sports coupe could be on the cards. The upcoming Supra successor is also expected to use hybrid technology.  

The Yaris Hybrid R Concept will be officially unveiled at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Stay tuned for more details. 

By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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