Toyota Yaris Hybrid R Gallery | PHOTOS

Toyota reveal lots of tasty pictures of their new 400hp Yaris Hybrid R Concept ahead of its official unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show. 

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid R Concept is a completely mental and technologically awesome hot hatchback. It has a total power output of over 400hp – sourced from a Toyota-motorsport designed 1.6liter four-cylinder engine which drives the front wheels and an electric motor which powers the rear axle, effectively making it all-wheel-drive, for some of the time…


Rather cleverly, the electric-drive system does not use any heavy, handling-harming batteries, instead the motor draws electricity from a super capacitor. Now, that does sound like something out of a weird 70’s sci-fi movie, but it’s actually technology pinched from Toyota’s TS030 hybrid Le Mans racecars. It is quite a complex system, and we don’t really um, understand it completely, but essentially the energy created during braking is stored in this crazy super conductor device, somehow, and then released into the drivetrain when it’s needed through witchcraft and magic, probably. 


Toyota have no plans to put the speeeedy Yaris into production, but it shows how Toyota’s track-bred hybrid tech could be used in upcoming sports cars – like the new Supra successor for instance. 


By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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