Unbelievable Road Wash Out! | (VIDEO)

This youtube clip might be a little old but it is definitely worth sharing! We stumbled across it over at Autoblog and quite frankly we found it so amazing that we just had to share it with you guys! 

After watching this, you might just think twice about risking taking your car out during extreme cases of heavy rain, or ‘flash flood’ conditions if you prefer. In the video, while it initially seems that there is only a little bit of water on the road, it is what is going on beneath the road that is really scary. The soil beneath is eroded away in very short space of time which results in the ground literally being swallowed up!

Check it out…

We haven’t seen anything like this other than in cheesy movies. Have you? If you have drop us a tweet @carhootsuk 

Via: Autoblog

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