Unlucky Romanian police officer plays a real life game of ‘Angry Bulls’ (Video)

A traffic police officer in Romania had a shock, when he had to control a bull on the loose. It definitely was not what he was expecting – a big contrast to a normal day of dealing with cars and lorries! 

The bull escaped from a farm near to the town of Braila in Romania, and was on the loose on the road. The traffic officer and the bull crossed paths in the town and the bull proceeded to play the charging game! The beast weighed a huge 300kg (approx. 700 pounds) – something no one would want to have to fight! 
Check out the video to see the scenario in action! Luckily for the traffic officer, the animal was found in the end, tranquilized and returned to the farm, where he will definitely be in trouble with the owner!! 



hat tip to carscoops.com for the story

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