Using Spray 9 on an Open-Top Jeep Covered in Filth

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The best part about driving an open-topped jeep during those magical summer months? The hot pavement at your mercy, warm wind in your hair, and the scent of freedom high in the air. The worst part about driving an open-topped jeep during those magical summer months? Caked on dashboard bug splatters from tennis balls with wings, dirt and grime soaked tires, and vinyl seats threatening mildew from unexpected summer showers. You can even throw in a few dried bird droppings for good measure, and you’ve got yourself a Jeep that has seen every element of the season.

For us convertible and open-topped vehicle owners, we know that winter means us closing shop on our overhead accessories, and preparing for harsh winter conditions that are always expected to do a little damage to our vehicle. What’s a devoted and loving Jeep owner to do? Why clean up and prepare their baby for the upcoming season, of course!

Cue in, Spray 9 cleaner. We heard this powerful formula was suitable for multiple surfaces and up to tackling challenging messes, but we are ‘seeing-is-believing’ types and had never tried it for ourselves. Armed with a pair of dish gloves, a scrub sponge, a dry cloth, and a roll of paper towels, we set out to tackle the job on a quiet Saturday morning.

We figured first we would start with the seats. This Jeep is by no means a new model, (though being gentleman we won’t reveal her real age), and it’s vinyl seats have certainly seen better days. Every vehicle owner knows that mildew is headache to get out of a car, and the powerful mold/bacteria can cause illness. Dealing with this in a car revealed so closely to the elements has always been a struggle, normally resulting in a rag soaked with bleach and a nearby bucket of water. We’d rather not use harmful bleach if not necessary, so this is where Spray 9 comes in handy with it’s bleach free formula.

Wearing our gloves, we covered the vinyl and surrounding cracks and crevices with Spray 9. We then took a dry paper towel and scrubbed gently at the dirty seats, rubbing in a quick circular motion. Sparkling clean, bacteria-free seats were revealed in an instant. We’re not kidding, an instant. See what Spray Nine Heavy Duty can do for you.

For stubborn spots, we put a little Spray 9 directly on the paper towel and applied again. We haven’t seen our seats so clean in years.

For the dashboard covered in bugs, we again lightly-soaked a paper towel with Spray 9, then applying it to the bug splatters by hand. Those gooey, gut-splatters we’re wiped away in an instant! As we’re the dried bird droppings, by way of the same method. We’ll spare you the detail on that particular clean-up…

For the finale, we needed to get the majority of the grease and grime from our tires to make em’ shine again. This is where the dry cloth came in, again sprayed generously with Spray 9. We applied it to our dirty and suffocated tires and rims, then watching grease and grime disappear before our very eyes. You know, that very SAME grease and grime that nobody can ever seem to buff off at the car wash. Gone, instantly.

We eventually made our way around to all four tires and we’re incredibly pleased with the results. Our beat-up baby looked a whole lot better, and we feel better starting off the day in a clean, bacteria-free environment. Everybody wins.

Spray 9 made a job we had been procrastinating a whole lot easier and for that we will always be grateful.

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