V8 Supercar vs Acrobatic Plane! Which is Faster? | (Video)

You can always be assured that Red Bull will be working on something extreme to get us all excited and needless to say they have delivered another awesome stunt which puts a V8 engine super car in a race with an acrobatic aeroplane! I know… Only Red Bull!

The race was set in Australia on the awesome beaches on the Gold Coast. A great backdrop for a great race of two awesome machines battling for glory and the status of being number one!

The V8 was driven by Red Bull Racing Australia driver, Jamie Whincup. Whincup has already proved to be a force to be reckoned with as he has successfully won four V8 Championships.

The pilot, on the other hand – Joel Haski – is not afraid of the challenge, and is seen bringing his plane dangerously close to the sand a couple of times.

Who you got? Supercar or Plane?

Check it out…

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