Watch Out – Super Speed Mobility Scooter About | (VIDEO)

Carhoots constantly search for the best social car content on the net, we stumble upon car videos that  truly amaze. This is one of them. Watch a crazy Pensioner on a Mobility Scooter defy laws of physics and cause havoc in Sweden.

Carscoops.com tell all…

This Isn’t Your Typical WalMart Mobility Scooter…Visit any big supermarket in the States -and we’re assuming, elsewhere as well, and you’ll see people with health, weight, age or sometimes, no real issues at all (remember South Park’s “Raising the Bar” episode?), using them to roll around the isles.

However, for us to show you a video of a mobility scooter, means there’s something very unusual about it…Even though the YouTube channel provides no details about said scooter, there’s no denying that someone has been fiddling around with its power source – how else can you explain the sounds and its speed?


via carscoops.com

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