What Are Lamborghini Doing!?

At this years Geneva motor show the supercar industry was out to
prove that it could clean up its act and stop giving hippies migraines.
McLaren, Ferrari and Porsche all wheeled out game changing hybrid hypercars
that while savagely fast, emit almost Prius like levels of the bad stuff.

And then there was Lamborghini’s Geneva motor show efforts. The
Veneno, a hypercar built purely for people who can’t quite walk past windows
without feeling the uncontrollable urge to lick them, and people who sign there
name in crayons and eat glue, its for idiots, lunatics, and people with far too
much money to play with. The Lamborghini Veneno is completely ridiculous, and
when put next to the McLaren P1 and the Ferrari – despite its idiotic name –
LaFerrari with their green power plants, the Veneno with its old-fashioned V12 and
£2 million premium just looks moronic.

       McLaren P1 vs Veneno vs Ferrari 

Here we have two car companies that are clearly trying hard to remain
relevant by investing heavily in new technologies. Then there’s Lamborghini
who’ve come out with what can only be described as a desperate attempt to retain
interest in the brand. Its an attention seeking childish thing that really does
look like its been penned – crayoned? – by a five year old – and you might
argue that that’s how supercars are supposed to look, but have you seen the
LaFerrari? Tell me that’s a worse looking car than this Lamborghini.

I’m honestly worried about Lamborghini at the moment, sure the
Aventador is flying off the shelves thanks to Middle Eastern princes and rap
artists, but what about the Gallardo – the ‘volume’ seller. That car is now ten
years old and doesn’t stand a chance against its significantly faster, more
efficient and more powerful Ferrari, McLaren, even Audi and Porsche rivals, and
we wont see a replacement for the ageing supercar (can we even call it that
anymore?) for at least another two years. Then what will power the new car?
Rumors suggest that the 5.2 liter normally aspirated V10 engine from the
current Gallardo will remain, but some serious tinkering will be required to
get that old school engines output and emissions on par with the McLaren 12C.
Or it could get the 4.0liter twin turbo V8 that’s fitted to just about every
quick Audi these days and that could dilute the character of the car with its
noise cancelling turbos – a Lamborghini with a quiet engine note? No…

And what’s more, as far as we know Lamborghini doesn’t have any
electric drive research and development projects in the works that it can apply
to future models and lower its overall emissions figures with in the same way
that McLaren and Ferrari have. To me, these are signs of a company that has
lost its way, they’re lacking direction and as a result they’re cocking about
with silly immature cars that look like they’re the work of some seriously
distasteful Need For Speed ‘upgrades’.

I do love Lamborghini, I love the madness and the drama, but you’ve
got to draw the line somewhere, and coming out with something as idiotic as the
Veneno – to me – is crossing that line. If it had some high tech million
horsepower electric motor hiding beneath its mental body panels we wouldn’t be
so critical, in fact we’d be impressed, but there isn’t a million horsepower
electric motor under the mental bodywork. There’s just an Aventador with some
extra bits of carbon fiber stuck to it and they’re charging a staggering £3.1
million, er, so we’re a bit cross.

       Just an over-the-top Aventador in disguise?

What Lamborghini need to focus on is the new Gallardo and developing
more sustainable forms of propulsion for when that big cumbersome V12 in the
Aventador can no longer cut it when it comes to emissions regulations.
Otherwise Lamborghini could be in for a rude and abrupt awakening, if they
haven’t already received one from McLaren and Ferrari at Geneva.

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By Aiden Taylor ( @AidenT_RD )

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