What makes Volvo…Volvo: Behind The Scenes Of A Crash Test | (VIDEO)

What makes Volvo…Volvo: Check out this state of the art crash test facility allowing production of the safest ever Volvo cars. Interesting Stuff…

Since the first car rolled off the production line in 1927, Volvo has always been at the forefront of car safety. From the introduction of the 3-point seatbelt some 54 years ago to the present Pedestrian Detection system – which has been updated to automatically break when detecting cyclists too, Volvo has always prioritised the safety of both the people within the car and now any person – and soon to be animal – within the car’s vicinity.

Despite it being easy to focus on past successes, Volvo believes that a lot can still be done to ensure safety in the future. “[The safety belt] is still regarded as the most life-saving safety equipment in cars. Nevertheless, many people still do not use it. There is still a lot we can do to inform people about safety in cars of today,” concludes Jan Ivarsson, Senior Manager Safety Strategy & Requirements at Volvo Car Group.
So what does the future hold? Volvo’s vision is to design cars that should not crash; the aim being that by 2020 no-one should be killed or injured in a crash. To understand more about this vision we went to the home of Volvo in Gothenburg, Sweden.

What we learnt?

Thomas Broberg, Senior Technical Advisor at Volvo Corporation gave us insight into the crash test procedure. The state of the art facility allows real word collisions to be simulated within the centre, enabling data from the equivalent of 80 crashes in 24 hours to be analysed. This means that before the cars even reach the concept stage they have been meticulously analysed hundreds of times to ensure they are as safe as possible.

You can see the full video of what we discovered here:

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