What to watch now Top Gear has ended? Here are some YouTube channels we love

It has been the preaching of many that the television is getting left behind in this golden age of internet video and on demand entertainment, and for many of those years it has been complete and utter rubbish! Car videos back in the day were in 240p quality and you could barely make out the car the reviewer was testing as the badge would have looked like a blurry, greyed out pixel.

But over the past few years, things have changed in the world of car TV. Top Gear only covers about a month of the petrol head calendar and with shows like Fifth Gear and Wheeler Dealers are now exclusive to people with satellite TV. So, where does that leave those of us who haven’t access to this wealth of wheel nut nirvana? It is easy to turn to YouTube, but where amongst the masses of cat videos and out of date Harlem Shakes do we even start? 

In no particular order, here is five car related channels that are well worth your subscription:

XCAR (YouTube: XCARFilms)


Now what can I say about XCAR that isn’t hugely positive? The quality of the videos they upload really is second to none, with familiar face Alex Goy in front of the camera and some absolutely gorgeous cinematic footage, their video list reads like a car guys ultimate bucket list. The Porsche Driving School, Charles Morgan’s AeroMax and the Shmeemobile just to name a few. XCAR fills that gap in the YouTube market for lustworthy cars and comical, enjoyable adventure and experience coverage.

The Drive Channel (YouTube: Drive)


This is where the whole idea of YouTube based car television really took off, with shows like Chris Harris on Cars for reviews and the Road Testament covering the main areas of debate in the motoring world, it really does have something for every type of petrol head. Whether you enjoy watching Monkey Harris doing some skids in one of the latest hyper cars or learning some detailing tips from Larry Kosilla on Drive Clean. There is just one thing for sure, they make some quality car-tainment. If you haven’t done so already, head on over there, subscribe and wait for the videos to roll on in.

The Next Gear (YouTube: Smokerspack)


The Next Gear has to be one of my all time favourite car reviewing channels, featuring Bob Flavin it is much more of a face to face affair than some of the other channels mentioned. Bob reviews any car that he can get his hands on and instead of the same old zero to sixty sprints and drift tests, his primary focus is testing on the road. A real nice chap and fellow car nut, you really do feel like you are in the car with him while doing the review, which is a lovely perspective to have. Well worth subscribing as whenever a new video is posted you know its going to be something enjoyable to watch.

Rosenthal Automotive (YouTube: RosenthalAutomotive)


Words simply cannot describe the brilliance that is the Rosenthal Automotive channel on YouTube, the amount of effort that goes into every video that Steve produces must be monumental. There is a story behind every review on the channel and that often sets the scene, an example you say? On the new F30 BMW 3 Series review Steve pretends to be a brand loyal customer who cannot resist the new model. Mixing in stunning footage with a comical approach to reviewing luxury automobiles, Rosenthal is seriously worth a watch.

Fast Lane Daily (YouTube: FastLaneDaily)


Unlike any of the other recommendations, FastLaneDaily is an automotive news channel through and through. Filmed in the same studio as Drive, presenter Derek D gives us gear heads the low down on everything motoring, every day. The latest news and leaks, recommended videos and some hilarious car related stories make up a tiny proportion of FastLaneDailys coverage. D’s humour gels well with the news in question and it is delivered in short and snappy videos, perfect for that late night car fix before bed.

These are just five fantastic YouTube channels which I thoroughly recommend checking out, so if you ever wonder what you are going to do with the other 11 months in the year when you’re feeling sick of old Top Gear repeats on Dave, just remember. The guys on YouTube sure do know how to make great car shows!

What are your favourite automotive YouTube Channels? Let us know in the comments section below or tweet us at @CarHootsUK.

By Dan Agombar  (@DMAgombar)

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