Who Are The Best Drivers: Men or Women? | (Infographic)

Battle of the sexes: Men vs Women. Who are the better drivers? This infographic puts forward the facts and once and for all settles the age old debate.

The guys at Creditplus.co.uk have produced this brilliant infographic that puts forward the hard facts without any wild assumptions or claims that are normally made from this argument. 

Perhaps, by the end of the infographic you will be able to see who is the better driver, and put those pub arguments finally to rest. Or most likely not!

So, who is the better driver: Men or Women. Ding, ding, let the battle commence…


Who’s the better driver? Men vs Women
Infographic by Creditplus.co.uk

Women are the winners! What do you think carhooters? Let the debate begin on twitter @CarhootsUK #menvswomendriving

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