Who Will Win The Last Ever Volvo C30?

From VolvoUK:
Volvo Car UK is celebrating the success of the Volvo C30 and wants to give the car the send-off it deserves. To do so, we are launching a three-day game on www.LastEverC30.co.uk which will see one lucky person become the proud owner of the #LastEverC30.

The journey starts on Thursday 13th June 2013 at 07:00 when the C30 departs from Gothenburg, Sweden, making its way to the UK and to a specific area over the next two days – but only with the help of the audience and their tweets.

On Saturday 15th June 2013, the third and final day, participants will have to unlock the car’s exact location by solving four clues and get there as fast as they can to complete one final task. Whoever does this first will be crowned winner and owner of the last ever C30.

Follow the action, find out how to play and take part in the Last Ever C30 journey on www.LastEverC30.co.uk.

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