Wild Porsche 911 RSR Race Car Crash | VIDEO 

As a racing car driver your biggest fear in life is probably having a brake lockup just before a sharp turn where very solid objects might suddenly be in your way. Racing car drivers literally have nightmares about this sort of occurrence – kind of in the same way that the Wolverine has scary dreams at night about being um, not normal.
In this video Harry Kleinjan’s worst nightmare unfolds during the Hellendoorn tarmac rally.

Kleinjan executes a delicious slither of oversteer through a left hand bend using the 911’s rear weight bias to turn the car into the corner. He then gets on the power, accelerating like a rabbit that’s high on sugar before applying the brakes for an approaching corner. And that’s when the fronts lockup. Naturally, all steering inputs made are hopeless and the 964 RSR slams into a concrete barrier at around 60mph. The two left side wheels are torn off and the car becomes airborne after using the barrier as a sort of launch pad before landing in a nearby river upside down.

It’s as scary as it sounds…Take a look. 

Fortunately both the driver and co-driver walked away uninjured. 

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