World’s First $1 Million Electric Supercar in Pre-Production

The Concept One, from Croatian designers Rimac Automobili, is the first electric supercar (getting us at the Carhoots.com office all aflutter) and, as with all things novel and wonderful, comes with an accordant price.

This isn’t just a piece of PR flimflam, though, as the car can travel a gallant 375 miles on a single charge, admirable for any electric car but a marvel for a sports car capable of 1088 horsepower. Not only that, but the car can whiz up to an impressive 60mph in 2.8 seconds. The CEO and owner, Mate Rimac, is rightly proud of the graft he and his team have put into the car, saying they’ve “put the best work we’ve done over the last several years into that car”. The company usually produces bespoke parts for other automotive companies, but with so much expertise behind them, it made sense to move into car production. Several new technologies have been patented and implemented for the Concept One, so you know they mean business and are set to become real contenders.


Rimac -concept -one (Copy)

One such feature is its torque control system, with each wheel being controlled independently and powered by separate engines, making parking a doddle. Not that city parking is likely to be the first thing on prospective owners’ minds. The Concept One can reach dizzying speeds of 190mph, putting it up there with the rest of the supercar bad boys.

Rimac Automobili have started taking US orders and expect to start delivering in 2014. So if you have an environmental conscience, a spare $1 million in the bank and a desire to speed about the streets in a sleek, shiny new toy, get your orders in now!

By CL English.

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