World’s Top 4 Race Tracks | (Article)

Indianapolis Motor
Established in 1909, the IMS is the
largest spectator sports venue in the world with a seating capacity
of well over 100k. The venue plays host to the world renowned Indianapolis 500 and
track experiences are available so you and your mates can replicate
it. Admittedly, not the most exciting track design but, still up
there with the best.

Apparently, Sir
Jackie Stewart fondly referred to the Nurburgring as ‘The Green
Hell’. The track is easily one of the most famous in the world (we
fondly remember when the Top Gear chaps put the Veyron through its
paces using the Nurburgring) and boasts 170 corners. It’s over 17
miles long and it’s a rather tricky beast all in. Like the Motor
Speedway, track days are available. If you’re up to the challenge
that is…


Circuit De Monaco: 
Birthed in 1929, this street track is housed in Monte Carlo and is
one of the most famous races in the F1 calendar. Each lap is almost
3 miles long and it features 19 corners. There have been numerous
serious accidents due to the dangerous nature of the course, and
even one death. The legendary Ayrton Senna holds the record for the
most wins on the Circuit, at 6. The circuit is only used for the
race once a year and is therefore not available for the public to
race on.


Circuit de la
Host of the Le Mans 24hr endurance race,
this track is world famous. A great one for fans of higher speed,
as 85% of a lap can be performed at full throttle. Not for the
faint of heart, clearly. That said, as part of the circuit is on
the street, it’s only used once a year and you won’t be driving on


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by Ewan MacGill

Images Courtesy of: Morrison, AlBargan,
Wolters, Davies and Ross.

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