X Factor- The Judges Cars

Nip down to Tesco and get some earplugs now: the X Factor is back. Whilst the return of the UK-wide talent search might be music to the ears of some, we here at Carhoots are concerned not with the tearful back-stories of the contestants but, believe it or not, the cars! With a host of mega-rich and mega-flashy judges, there is certainly no shortage of auto envy to be revelled in.

Simon Cowell may be missing from the line-up of po-faced judges this time round, but he’s in no short supply of wonderful motors. From his very modest Smart car to the ludicrously-exclusive Bugatti Veyron, there’s a car for every occasion in Mr Cowell’s Mary Poppins-bag of a garage.

Bugatti - Simon Cowell

Louis Walsh returns as judge with his unique ability to make slews of in-hindsight misjudgements, of which his decision to indulge in a Maserati GranTurismo is not one. The Italian number is up there with the most stylist sportscars and with the keys in his pocket, Walsh must feel a little closer to youthful excitement. The GranTurismo can reach over 180mph, which might be important whilst whipping around the UK looking for fresh blood.

Louis Walsh Maserati

The ever-controversial Tulisa Contostavlos is back, but there’s no complaints from us when it comes to her car. Contostavlos opted for one of the more quietly refined cars of the pack, choosing an Audi R8. The luxury car isn’t exactly a racer, but it lends several touches of class. The spacious interior is packed to the rafters with luxury touches and lovely leathers– perfect to be papped stumbling out of.

Tulisa Audi R8

Nicole Scherzinger, of Pussycat Dolls fame, has crossed the pond for the occasion, leaving her beautiful Bentley Continental at home. The Continental is truly a feat of British engineering and goes perfectly hand-in-hand with the flashy lifestyle of Scherzinger.

Nicole -scherzinger -bentley -continental

So whilst we can’t put ourselves in the judges’ chairs, making the final decisions with the best of them, we can indulge in a bit of car gawking. Which is your winner and which would you send home on the first week?

by Carl English

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