Fiat Panda – Africa Record Run

Driving a city car in its intended environment can be a tiresome feat in itself, but taking one out of its comfort zone and parading it up one of the world’s harshest terrains is a whole different matter. That’s exactly what the team behind Africa Record Run are doing, by driving a Fiat Panda from Cape Town in South Africa to London, and all in 10 days!

Kenya - Nairobi                     Kenya – Nairobi (Camel Crossing)

 The team are hailing the experience as “the ultimate test-drive for a reasonably-priced car” whilst simultaneously attempting to break the previous Cape Town-London record of 14 days, something that is not that easy when life keeps getting in the way. A look at some of their most recent updates reveals, for example, that shattered glass punctured every one of their tyres! And Ethiopia, having problems of a bigger scale, wasn’t exactly overflowing with petrol, so the team have had their fair share of setbacks. On a serious note, it’s not just an exercise in testing the Panda, though – they’re raising money for their chosen charity, Farm Africa.

Table -mountain View                     Philip Young and Paul Brace – Table Top Mountain View

On last check the guys had just passed through the Libyan borders and were well on their way to the European leg of the journey.

You can keep up with all of the latest mishaps and adventures on their Facebook: AfricaWorldRecordRun.

 Here are some more exciting photo’s of the trip:

Landed At Abu Simbel                    The team landing at Abu Simbel


Kenyan Police Spikes                            Watch out for the Police Spikes!

Crossing The Zambezi                   Crossing the Zambezi (images courtesy of Africa Record Run)

Follow The Fiat Panda Yellowbrick Tracking Map - Africa Record Run                     Follow the guys live on the YellowBrick Tracking Map

Hope you’ve enjoyed the article and you get behind such a good cause for a worthy charity Farm Africa. Please donate here: Fundraising For Farm Africa

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