Futuristic Marketing From BMW

Ever wondered what the future of driving will look like? The clever guys at BMW have come up with a super cool idea to show what the future of driving could look like in New York city. Its called a BMW iWindow and uses clever digital projection and motion technology to project concept cars in real time on a giant window of a building.

Cars on 6th Avenue that drive past the window will be projected as real futuristic cars. A staggering 248,000 cars were transformed into BMW iConcept cars in just one week. The end result is almost surreal, if not a little magical and is such a innovative way to showcase cars of the future. This amount of iconcept cars on the road would save over $498 in fuel costs and also give the enviroment that much needed help.

Car manufacturers and advertisers have come on leaps and bounds in recent years incorporating future tech, social media and online strategies to maximise the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Audi used this recent example of marketing prowess, Siri coming to Chevrolet and Mini trending on youtube are all examples of the way these companies are embracing future tech.


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