Ghe-O Motors unveils the ‘Rescue’ – an all-terrain beast! (Video)

Meet a beast of a SUV that can drive over the most extreme terrains. This all terrain vehicle can blast through anything! Meet the Geh-O Motors Rescue.

The Romanian Ghe-O Motors ‘Rescue’ is an extreme all-terrain response vehicle. This custom build eight-foot-tall, 3.2-tonne monster makes a Land Rover look like a kids toy. And it just might be the perfect ride for an end of the world kind of situation. 

Hurricane, floods…Zombie apocalypse, this beast of an SUV will satisfy your superhero needs.
This rescue truck is suitable for transportation, medical support and extinguishing fires across just about any kind of terrain and through any weather mother nature can throw at it.
Apparently you can fit accessories to fight fires, plow snow, float over water and haul injured zombie bite victims on hospital stretchers, naturally.


No doubt the buyers of this vehicle will include Mad Max types, Jeremy Clarkson, and of course, footballers wives.  Have a watch of the video below. The intro alone is well worth the watch. Brilliant!


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