Girl Beats the Sh*t Out Of Guy Who Attempts To Mug Her In Her Own Driveway (VIDEO)

Girl Beats the Sh*t Out Of Guy Who Attempts To Mug Her In Her Own Driveway (VIDEO)

Wow! Don’t mess with this chick. This latest video of a Maylasian woman beating up a motorcyclist trying to snatch her purse after she pulls into her own driveway has already racked up over 500,000 hits.

The brief clip shows 28-year-old Germaine Yeap pulling into her driveway as two thieves follow on a motorcycle.

One man slips past the closing gates and grabs the tall woman’s bag. Germaine holds on to her bag and delivers a crushing knee to the body of the attacker before throwing him to the ground.

She then fires off a series of powerful overhand punches to the helpless thief. Germaine ceases the assault when the second thief enters with a weapon.

But instead of taking the bag, the guy just grabs his buddy and the two flee.

“In the video, I fought back because I assessed the situation with my muay thai training and knew that I could take him down,” Yeap said, according to the UK Metro.

Yeap also revealed that the clip was staged to promote a crime awareness campaign in Maylasia.

         Via: EliteDaily Photo Courtesy: YouTube

WHAT??? FAKE who would have thought!! If you were as mad as us when you realised this was staged we apologise. But it is for a good reason… be aware of your surroundings when you are pulling your car into your driveway, no matter how safe your house may be or how hard you throw a punch.

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