Gold Digger Prank: More Proof That Nice Cars Get Girls (VIDEO)

Gold Digger Prank: More Proof That Nice Cars Get Girls (VIDEO)

Here’s yet another example that proves that girls are attracted to nice guys. No wait, what I mean is money. Filthy, filthy money.

A few weeks ago we showed you what happens when girls see that you drive a Lamborghini Gallardo Spider or a Ferrari 458 Spider, and hence have cash money. But, incase you were still a bit skeptical as to the effectiveness of this, admittedly expensive, pick-up scheme, here’s a third example showing that even a Maserati Gran Cabriolet – a cheap Fiat compared to the Ferrari and Lambo – is also enough to pick up a girl…

In this Vitalyzed video, first a chap called Jerome Jarre attempts to pickup a pretty blonde with an old and arthritic motor. The lady promptly ignores the poor lad who is clearly just trying to help out a nice lass. Ungrateful. Fifteen minutes later Vitaly turns up in the Maserati and the girl is instantly more interested, naturally, and hops in the car before Vitaly’s grand plan is revealed and some spit is taken to the face… Unlucky.
Take a look. 

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