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Gumball 3000 – Best Cars Ever (PHOTOS)

So to mark this notable occasion, carhoots thought we would review some of the coolest and craziest cars that have ever taken part in the rally.

We will begin our review with Alex Roy. For those of you who have not seen Gumball 3000, Alex and his Team Polizei 144 is a true legend of the rally. His tuned BMW E39 M5 not only won him Gumball’s Spirit trophy in 2003, but also got him in quite a lot of trouble for impersonating police. Oops!

According to Alex, his M5 is the greatest BMW ever made.

Team Polizei 144 Gumball

Continuing with the emergency services theme, check out the Dudesons team’s Cadillac Escalade.
Dudesons Team ’s Cadillac Escalade It is quite obvious, Finnish guys put a lot of effort turning this luxurious American 4×4 into hard to miss rally ambulance. Good effort guys!

Talking about attention grabbers, Team Salamone’s managed to stun everyone at last year rally. The Salamone’s completed their race in a brand new and very shiny Lamborghini Aventador.

Salamone ’s Lamborghini Aventador

Silver and orange certainly makes it into one ‘in your face’ kind of a car.

Another supercar that turned a few heads, including mine, is this Ferrari 360 Modena. Its body wrap makes it look dangerous and one not to mess with. Also, it someone reminds me of a jet fighter camouflage.

Ferrari Fighter Pilot Wrap At The Gumball 3000

Whoever is the owner of this beauty, they have done one hell of a job turning this Italian speedster into aggressively looking road-to-road guided missile.

Now…not sure about you, but considering Bentley Continental GT’s reputation as a footballer’s car, it is far from my favourite car. However, Bentley used by Ezra Chapman in 2010 London – New York rally really caught my eye.

Bentley Continetal Gumball

Absolutely love that tri – colour bodywork and those impressive alloys.


If we talk about celebrities, doubt any of you would be surprised to find out that over the year, Gumball 3000 has been attended by such people as Ken Block, Tony Hawk, Snoop Dogg and Jason Statham. And unsurprisingly all of them had a great car to rally with.

However, to me the most amazing celebrity car of the Gumball 300 fleet has to be rap superstar Xzibit’s addidas inspired Lamborghini Gallardo

Xzibit Lamborghini Gallardo


And to complete our list, I decided to show you this mad looking thing nicknamed ‘Donkey Frog’. I have to confess, it took me a while to figure out what sort of a car is hiding under all that….

Donkey Frog Car

In fact, it is 1971 Buick Riviera, which participated in the Gumball rally as part of the Fuel Girls team.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot, if you fancy taking part in the rally, the entry rules are pretty straight forward. All you need is to have an awesome supercar and a spare £30k to pay your entry fee. The 2013 rally begins on the 18th May in Copenhagen.

If you had the money would you particpate? Which is your favourite car on the list? Comment below or tweet us at @CarhootsUK #Gumball3000

By Stas R.

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